How it Started

Kandy Shop Boutique is launched in 2021 with the clear purpose of supporting "To Make Your Every Date Special," which includes Girls' Party, Night Out, Vacation, Streetwear, At Office, and so on. Kandy Shop Boutique is an American clothing brand for All-size fashionistas.

Most of our apparel is made in the United States to ensure the highest quality and fitting. Our customers keep their fingers on the fashion pulse of all the hottest fashion trends, so they understand exactly what's trendy and what isn't. The difficult part comes to an end, and all that remains is for you to visit our website and order your favorite outfit.

Hi, I'm Faatin Azar!

I'm the woman behind the brand "Kandy Shop Boutique." Born in Kingston, New York, raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kandy Shop Boutique is a stylish fashion brand founded by a woman for women.

Our brand is intended to be a day-to-night solution in a woman's closet, with Faatin's signature uses quality materials, vibrant colors, and elegant shapes. Faatin's designs are inspired by the gorgeous, powerful women she has respected throughout her life, who deserve a classy wardrobe, pleasing to the eye, and versatile. Her attire conveys an energetic, optimistic, and fun attitude while emphasizing the beauty and boldness of the girl wearing it.